Tom McGurrin, designer and maker, has been involved in the contemporary craft movement for forty years. His approach to jewelry combines traditional metalsmithing methods with silver and high karat gold. His work is completely fabricated, meticulously designed to be worn and enjoyed.


About The Work

Tom McGurrin uses age-old techniques and inspired innovations of Eastern aesthetic traditions to create one-of-kind pieces that are elegant and contemporary. His silver collection, characterized by clean lines and distinctive textures, reflect natural forms. Each piece is hand fabricated, then surfaces are finished by various techniques: they are printed, sanded, brushed and often oxidized.

Combining sterling silver with 22k gold, McGurrin creates subtle contrasts of color, surface, and form. High karat gold, with its inherent softness, allows for a variety of surface textures. Fold forming and die forming give volume to the shapes, while soldering, fusing, and rivets are used to connect all the elements. A final brushing gives the work its rich, velvety appearance.

Care For The Jewelry

18K gold and sterling silver jewelry can be polished with a rouge cloth. A commercial anti-tarnish solution may also be used with silver. Brushed silver and gold can be cleaned and brightened using a soft brass brush with dish soap and warm water. To remove tarnish we recommend Tarnx, which is available in most super markets (follow directions carefully). An ultra sonic cleaner can be used to clean all jewelry. Read the instructions on any ultra sonic detergent before using since some are too caustic for pearls and soft stones.